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Vegan shaving soap that proves shaving doesn't have to be a chore. Dr. Jon's slick, long lasting lather and unique hand blended fragrances will have you looking forward to a new morning routine.


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Imbuere Botanicals Remembering Alexander EDP Imbuere Botanicals Remembering Alexander EDP
Imbuere Botanicals Remembering Alexander EDP $85.00
All natural botanical perfume inspired by the one time conqueror of the known world, Alexander the Great. Using the essence of fruits and plants from the Macedon Empire and conquered regions we created a perfume we think is worthy of the name Alexander. Sweet, boozy fruits open into fresh greens and florals and then dry down into earthy, woody notes with hints of vanilla. This fragrance was aged for 18 months before bottling. All of our fragrances are hand blended and each bottle is filled by hand in our Rochester, NY facility. We use only essential oils, absolutes and natural extracts in our perfumes. Nothing but nature in a bottle.Top Notes - Khella, Tangerine, Yuzu, ElemiMiddle Notes - Geranium, Cognac, Manuka, Devana, Ylang Ylang, EucalyptusBase Notes - Opanax, Amber, Litsen, Oakmoss, BenzoineWe offer 5ml sample bottles as well as 50ml bottles.
Dr. Jon's 53 East and 51st EDT (Cologne) 50ml
Dr. Jon's 53 East and 51st EDT (Cologne) 50ml $48.00
You are all cordially invited to join us at 53 East and 51st. The dress code is black tie and a boutonniere is required, carnations are strongly encouraged. Relax and light up a smoke while you wait for the bartender to prepare your gin martini. You are one of the lucky few that has been given the password to get through the door, now it's time to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life.   Hints of carnation, tobacco smoke, gin, and cedar.
Imbuere Botanicals Also the Sun botanical perfume Imbuere Botanicals Also the Sun botanical perfume
Imbuere Botanicals Also the Sun botanical perfume $85.00
Bright, minty and herbaceous. Also the Sun is a small batch, botanical perfume perfect for a warm sunny day or as a pick me up on a grey, dreary winter afternoon. Lemon, lime and mint open up to floral and green notes. The composition is grounded with hints of vanilla, patchouli and vetiver. Also the Sun has been aged for 18 months before being bottled at a whopping 30% concentration.  Top Notes - Peppermint, Italian Lemon, Spanish Lemon, Lime, Howood,  Middle Notes - Marjorim, Coriander, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Anise Bottom Notes - Vetiver, Benzoin, Patchouli, Cedar
Dr. Jon's Eco Friendly Double Edged Safety Razor for Men and Women. Dr. Jon's Eco Friendly Double Edged Safety Razor for Men and Women.
Dr. Jon's Eco Friendly Double Edged Safety Razor for Men and Women. $22.00
THE PERFECT SHAVE: Make skin irritations and ingrown hair a problem of the past. With our safety razors for men or women, you will achieve the closest shave effortlessly. DURABLE: Dr. Jon's reusable razors are pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime. The metal razor is made exclusively from high-quality, durable materials. The safety razors are the ideal sustainable gifts for anyone. ECO-FRIENDLY: Disposable plastic razors are impossible to recycle, especially the cartridges. With this metal shaver, you only need to replace the double edged razor blades. Making it the perfect razor for eco friendly shaving. COST EFFECTIVE: After purchasing a Dr. Jon's safety razor, you only need to rebuy the eco friendly razor blades. Thus, reusable razors  will save you a lot of money in the long run while getting a better shave and being sustainable. AVAILABLE IN 5 COLORS. Choose from Brass, Rose Gold, Machined Aluminum, Chrome and Gun Metal. Each razor comes with a 5 pack of blades which will last roughly one month if shaving daily.

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We use nourishing items such as rose water, aloe, shea butter and meadowfoam oil in all of our products

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Stephen P.

I like this deodorant spray very much. It is all natural and doesn't irritate me like many products based on baking soda or some other sweat absorbing chemical. The scents are all good and strong, and it tends to last me most of the day without needing to be reapplied. I think it is not much different from their all-purpose essential oil sprays, but the price and quantity seem better aligned to this being a deodorant.

Clayton M.

I have finally found a natural deodorant that works! The deodorant spray is easy to apply, isn't messy and doesn't leave any residue. A few sprays is all it takes to last me through a work day, and the lime scent smells wonderful. My skin has become sensitive to most deodorants, however after a few weeks of using Dr. Jon's natural I can say that I haven't had any irritation at all. Another fine product from Dr. Jon's.

Nathaniel R.

A great daily-driver deodorant. Feels good, works well, lasts through the day, smells nice; what more can you ask for? Like another reviewer, there was some confusion around the refill process, but Jon and Kim were very helpful, and it was resolved with a minimum of fuss.
Regarding scents, I've now tried Eucalyptus & Spearmint and Cedar & Rose. Both are pleasant and uncomplicated. The Eucalyptus & Spearmint leans, at least to my nose, a bit further into the spearmint than the eucalyptus.