Tailor and Barber reviews our new Classic shaving soap and solid cologne.

Tailor and Barber reviews our new Classic shaving soap and solid cologne.

Dr. Jon's Volume 2 "Classic" Shaving Soap and Solid Cologne Product Review

One of the great things about writing this blog is the chance to review new wet shaving products and work them into my daily shave routine. This is not my first time looking at one of Dr. Jon’s shaving soaps, but it is my first go with the new Volume Two shaving soap. Definitely make sure you check out my review of the Volume 1 “Classic” shaving soap too. Dr. Jon’s “Classic” carries a fresh scent based on the...ahem…”classic” barbershop fragrance, loaded with herbs, citrus, and green woods. Dr. Jon’s lists the fragrance notes as rosemary, bergamot, lavender, lime, cedar, and vetiver.

The real challenge for me is to write a stand-alone review of the Volume Two shaving soap AND compare it to the Volume One. I’m going to try to do both.

Dr. Jon's Volume 2 "Classic" Shaving Soap and Solid Cologne

Solid Cologne

Full disclosure: this was only my second time ever using a solid cologne. To my nose, the note that shines brightest in this cologne is the rosemary. I was picking up that fragrance all day long. The longevity of this cologne is very good. Like I said, I could pick up the notes all day. However, the notes appear to remain constant. Now, this is not a negative point, just something different I noticed of which I want you to be aware. Probably like most of you, I am more used to the traditional top, heart, and base notes many men’s fragrances exhibit. One thing I really love about Dr. Jon’s “Classic” solid cologne is how easy it is to apply. I can target my key heat points with incredible ease.

Shaving Soap


Different from the solid cologne, the lavender really stands out in the shaving soap. Once I build and apply my lather, the lime and rosemary show up too. This creates a very nice shaving fragrance.


This Volume Two shaving soap is firmer than the Volume One which made loading my brush even easier. I also found that this version of the shaving soap takes less water to make a quality lather. The latter seems more stable and some of the guesswork has been removed from the building process.


This shaving soap is a slick as any top shaving soap I have used. It also has more cushion than just about any other I’ve tried. I usually find that shaving creams have more cushion than shaving soaps, but that’s not the case here. I even took this soap for a spin with my most aggressive razor. I gave myself the best shave I’ve gotten with that razor. Just one or two weepers, which is still better than ever before.


Dr. Jon’s shaving soaps are completely vegan soaps, meaning they’re extremely environmentally-friendly. The additional oils, aloe, and slippery elm bark are what push the performance of Volume Two past that of Volume One.

Comparing ingredients for Volume 1 and Volume 2


The Dr. Jon’s Volume Two “Classic” shaving soap is a must-buy. This soap is not only better than the Volume One, but it is better than most other shaving soaps I have used. The solid cologne is a unique fragrance experience. If you can't get enough of the shaving soap, definitely purchase the solid cologne too.