Dr. Jon's Sunday Funday Fragrance Extravaganza 4oz Vegan Shaving Soap

Tobacco and Honey Sunday Funday

Our neighbor has decided that the Tobacco and Honey oil we make for him is his favorite fragrance so I decided to try it out in our shaving soap as well. Who knows, maybe he will even decide to shave the giant crumb catcher on his face. Even if he doesn't decided to shave, you can still grab a tin of Tobacco and Honey and have a great shave for him.


Sundays are my day to chill out, have a cocktail or two and play around in the shop. It gives me time to experiment with new fragrances, new ingredients and come up with cool new shaving products. Since I'm in the shop anyway I figured it was time to share some of my favorites in limited batches, once a month we will be releasing my favorite new recipe as Dr. Jon's Sunday Funday Extravaganza. We will email out the new description each month on the 18th and list the new soap for sale on the 21st, each batch is a one time only so if it sounds like it's in your wheel house you better grab it. You can also sign up for a recurring order to have Sunday Funday shipped every month without having to worry about it and you also get a 20% discount on each months recurring order.


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