Dr. Jon's Sunday Funday Fragrance Extravaganza 4oz Vegan Shaving Soap

I was a stupid kid, the only thing that made it better is that my sisters were also stupid. Every Christmas Eve our Mom told us we could open one present, we all got very excited imagining what one toy or book we would get and trying to figure out how we could convince Mom to let us stay up so we could enjoy it. We would all gather on the couch with a hot chocolate with mint and eagerly await our gift, not even realizing that we were in for the same disappointment. Mom would hand us our gifts and we would tear into them immediately, only to realize that again we were given pajamas.....just like every previous year of our lives. Eventually it became a joke that we still carry on today, everyone gets pajamas from Mom on Christmas Eve. Now I get to watch my nieces and nephews suffer through the same soul crushing ritual. 
This Christmas I thought I would share my most vivid Christmas memory with all of you. Christmas Pajamas is the scent of cocoa, mint and that same spicy potpourri that every mother used all wrapped up in one delightful little package. I tried to include the disappointment and stupidity but could not quite figure that one out. 

Sundays are my day to chill out, have a cocktail or two and play around in the shop. It gives me time to experiment with new fragrances, new ingredients and come up with cool new shaving products. Since I'm in the shop anyway I figured it was time to share some of my favorites in limited batches, once a month we will be releasing my favorite new recipe as Dr. Jon's Sunday Funday Extravaganza. We will email out the new description each month on the 18th and list the new soap for sale on the 21st, each batch is a one time only so if it sounds like it's in your wheel house you better grab it. You can also sign up for a recurring order to have Sunday Funday shipped every month without having to worry about it and you also get a 20% discount on each months recurring order.